Process Integration Knowledge and Skills

Abilis PI is the highest quality technical center in North America for SAP NetWeaver process integration and development. SAP is currently used by nearly 300,000 customers worldwide. With such a wide customer base, companies require assistance integrating applications or need consultation on how best to approach issues, improvements or implementations. Trust your business’ process integrations to Abilis PI – a reputable and experienced team – they accelerate business processes.

  • Monitor SAP PI/PO technical assistance
  • A2A SAP NetWeaver application connectivity
  • B2B SAP NetWeaver application connectivity
  • SAP PI/PO Cloud application connectivity
  • Vetted SAP instructors for SAP PI & SAP NetWeaver training


Application Management Support Services (AMS)

Abilis PI understands that a business’ operations can’t tolerate long downtimes or inefficient process flows. Every minute counts. Every penny counts. Ensure your application systems are fully optimized and aren’t creating delays. Create streamlined business processes and maximize efficiency, no matter what department. Abilis PI offers a wide range of application management system support services including:

  • Troubleshoot integration issues
  • Queue management
  • Active monitoring through automated alert tools
  • Email daily status reports
  • Resolve production environment glitches
  • Problem/incident diagnosis & resolution
  • Preventive analysis of PI production system
  • Produce detailed monthly activity report

Abilis PI Services & Support Overview

Review the integration expertise and support services offered by the team that is Accelerating Business Processes


Empower Integrations with GreenRaven™

The only application add-on that mitigates the number of interruptions during integrations scenarios


Enterprise Service Bus (ESB) & Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA)

Companies needing design and implementation of an enterprise service bus (ESB) or support for service-oriented architecture (SOA), may require IT consultation or the aid of application integration experts. Select Abilis PI to address all of your middleware software architecture needs.  Having successfully completed high profile, complex projects which required integrating applications, coordinating resources and manipulating information, Abilis PI has the technical knowledge, skills and ability to help any organization solve its system integration or development requirements.

  • Web services
  • Industry standard communication protocols
  • Messaging middleware
  • Intelligent routing
  • TCO factors

Business-to-Business (B2B) Integration EDI & Web Services

With the globalization of business today, technology makes it possible for businesses to find partners, suppliers, customers, etc. around the globe. A small company in one part of the world can assist a large corporation half way around the world. Abilis PI helps organizations – of any scale – seamlessly link their processes together, allowing the transmission of messages over various communications channels and the coordination and control of business processes needed to create uniformed standardization. Contact Abilis PI to increase your B2B international status.

  • Proprietary interface development
  • Data models
  • Security models

Application to Application (A2A) Integration

Most organizations use several application platforms in order to ensure smooth operations. Some create customized software and others merge applications to best suit their needs. Abilis PI assists companies with A2A process enablement to facilitate a flawless integration of their SAP or non-SAP systems and third-party applications. Companies, from all industries, who require a full-scope of services from the design, configuration and execution of business process systems, can rely on Abilis PI to complete the project on time and on budget.

  • Between SAP and other SAP systems
  • SAP to non-SAP systems
  • Non-SAP systems to non-SAP systems

Client Appreciation

Congratulations to all for completing this migration project! It was very important to attain uniformity and simplicity with our B2B/EDI with an optimized use of SAP PO. You did it!

Martin Chagnon, Groupe Robert

Business Process Management (BPM)

Abilis PI eases a company’s use of preconfigured content to implement their business processes or embed application-specific details.  Applying BPM using the correct process integration tool enables firms to model, configure, execute and monitor processes, even though they may run on business applications or on the central Integration Server (IS). Connect with Abilis PI to assist in the implementation process to avoid any delays or interruptions.

  • Continuous process improvement
  • Combine process automations
  • Reduce process lead times